Durham University

At Durham University we aspire to bring jobs, innovation and prosperity to the communities that host us and to the wider region and national economy. The Water Hub builds on the long history that Durham University has in working in partnership around water. By exposing insights into real challenges in the water and environment and providing access to research and development expertise, this partnership will support economic growth of north east businesses and deliver improvements to the environment.

Professor Louise Bracken, Scientific Director of The Water Hub and Director of the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience at Durham University said: “The Water Hub is all about harnessing the talent and technology of the business community to solve real challenges that affect us all, in areas such as water efficiency, water cleaning and flooding”.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is proud to be a sponsor and delivery partner for this hugely exciting initiative. The Water Hub provides us with a brilliant opportunity to expose some of the hardest business and societal challenges facing our sector today and into the future. Most importantly, The Water Hub provide a unique service that enables us to collaborate and co-develop solutions with other sectors and with technology providers, end users and academics we wouldn’t ordinarily engage with. In doing so, The Water Hub is helping us to meet the requirements set out in the Governments 25 Year Plan for the Environment and to enhance our reputation as an enabler for supporting local economic growth and place based investment.

Northumbrian Water

At Northumbrian Water, we recognise that we are at our most innovative when we combine our people and ideas with those from the outside world. Our partnership with The Water Hub helps us to deliver our long-term strategy, Shaping our Future 2018-40. We give unique access to our business operations and the types of problems that we face; in return we get early sight of the latest thinking and product developments from the business and research communities.

Durham County Council

Durham County Council directly supports The Water Hub through our staff involvement in key work areas, particularly natural asset management, housing regeneration and accelerating adoption of innovative products and processes.The County is seeing continued investment in a range of new hi-tech businesses including telecommunications, advanced electronics, pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies.

These businesses are adding to the success of the economy not only within the county but also in the North East of England and the rest of the country. We believe that The Water Hub principle of open innovation and collaboration provides a key catalyst to help deliver further diversification and growth.

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