Jumping Rivers, a Newcastle-based data science company, join forces with The Water Hub to showcase what a government open data platform could look like if designed by big data and UX specialists.


Jumping Rivers create a new solution to access Environment Agency Data

Jumping Rivers have developed a new product to enable users to access Environment Agency data more effectively and efficiently. The Water Body Explorer will be hosted by Jumping Rivers until January 1st, 2020. Please take a tour and let us know what you think!

Creating opportunities – the Environment Agency sponsored hack

Jumping Rivers first got involved in this work at The Water Hub hack. The Environment Agency generates oceans of data about the condition of our coasts and rivers, stored in the Catchment Data Explorer. This data is teeming with insight that could lead the way to a thriving and more resilient environment. Understandably, the Environment Agency has been searching for digestible ways to share this data with different stakeholders, including charities, local authorities and landowners, to inspire local action.

The Water Hub teamed up with the Environment Agency and Sunderland Software City to run a two-day hackathon that sourced innovative ideas from the data-based and digital communities. The range and quality of the proposals prototyped in just two days showcased the undeniable advantages of working with small, cutting-edge businesses to develop truly disruptive solutions. See how the event unfolded here. The Environment Agency were thrilled with the solutions proposed.

“My team has developed a great relationship with The Water Hub and their passion and professionalism is evident in all aspects of their work. We greatly value their open and creative approach they bring when working together, as well as the opportunity to gain fresh insight into our business challenges through exposure to technologies and companies we wouldn’t ordinarily meet”

Damian Crilly, Environment and Business Manager, Environment Agency.


Jumping Rivers scoop first prize at the hack with prototype upgrades to the Environment Agency’s open data platform, the Catchment Data Explorer, or CDE. They devised a solution that took the form of a web application that focused on key UX features and showcased the potential of emerging technologies, including a tailored voice command feature. Visit their blog to discover the full tech breakdown.



Follow on contract

Game changing ideas are one thing; enabling them to come to fruition is another. That’s why we’re proud that the collaboration between The Water Hub, Environment Agency and Jumping Rivers has continued. The Environment Agency liked the hack winning prototype so much, they commissioned Jumping Rivers to explore how they could improve sharing and communication of Environment Agency data .

The Water Hub co-ordinated it’s network to provide valuable insights from several user groups. Ideas were prototyped to provide insights to improve user experience and the usability of data provided by the Catchment Data Explorer.

“To help the environment, we need to engage a wide audience and encourage people to use the available data. The Environment Agency has created a fantastic data exploration tool, which allows access to a large quantity of data. However, an inexperienced user would find it difficult to navigate and is potentially overwhelming.”

Sebastian Mellor, Jumping Rivers

The Water Body Explorer will be hosted by Jumping Rivers until January 1st, 2020. Try it out and let us know how it compares!

What could we do for you?

Ultimately, this work has demonstrated that small, agile businesses can provide exciting, innovative, never-seen-before solutions that are of immeasurable value to large organisations.

“The Water Hub has helped us in communicating with the EA, developing user groups to see what people might want from data to enable us to develop new applications”.

Sebastian Mellor, Jumping Rivers

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