Data insight

We are in the midst of a Big Data boom. Realising this potential in the water and environment sector will revolutionise our understanding and management of our natural resources, delivering sustainability and resilience for future generations.

At The Water Hub, we share and integrate data to create opportunities to better understand, manage and innovate through data insights.

Water futures

In our changing climate, water scarcity and drought pose global threats to community resilience.

At The Water Hub, our projects facilitate innovations that integrate technology and human behaviour. This work will create more and better products to shape how we use water sustainably.

Catchment management

Management of river catchments recognises the complexities of biological, physical and human interactions and strives to manage the system as a whole.

At The Water Hub, our projects foster a holistic approach to catchment management by through open collaboration that enables the sharing of ideas and resources across organisational boundaries. We innovate in practice, products and people.

Water, energy and waste

Water and energy are finite resources. Our projects at The Water Hub aim to realise efficiencies from using water and energy more wisely and recover resources from waste products of water to create sustainable communities and economies.

Enabling resilient communities

The resilience of our communities and economies relies heavily on the sustainable management of our environment and water. Improving environmental resilience can help buffer climatic events, such as flooding, support stable jobs and economies and improve standards of living for communities.

At The Water Hub, we engage more people and communities in environmental issues, to raise the profile of water use and its role in economic prosperity and human well-being and improve the standard of the environment for local communities now and into the future.

Our Offer

The Water Hub provides a range of services to bring together partners, innovators and collaborators.

Challenge events
We run events to kick start Challenges – to find partners, collaborators and innovators who we can build long-term partnerships with

Networking opportunities
We provide networking opportunities to open doors to businesses into the water and environment sector

Small capital grants
We award small capital grants to pump prime innovations in our challenge area

Research collaborations
We facilitate research collaborations – matching businesses research and development needs with academics and facilities at research institutes

Live test and demonstration facilities
We develop live test and demonstration facilities to allow product testing in a live environment

Business support and mentoring
We provide business support activities and mentoring from our partner organisations

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